Fluid Print Dynamics
was originally a small experimental project that I started back in April of 2014. I had just built my first 3D printer, and for fun I decided to print a yoyo. I ended up printing 40 of those things, and selling them to friends and people in the yo-yoing community. Eventually, it ended up as a stepping stone to a even bigger project, my premium yoyo company Luftverk. With the success of a newer and larger project, Fluid Print Dynamics was left inactive as a memory of where it all started.

Just before I closed everything down, I developed a brass spacer system that allowed for a higher quality bearing seat for any future 3D printed yoyos I would sell. Unfortunately the part never made it to market and the 200 units I had produced sat on my desk for two and a half years. When I found them again, it brought back all those memories of sitting in the Fluid Print Research and Engineering Facility (AKA my parents basement lol!) running the 3D printer. With my new business ventures keeping me busy, I no longer had time for printing production sale. But those spacers still stayed in the back of my mind telling me to do something useful with them. I just didn't know what.

Even to this day, I have people asking for the 3D models I designed back in 2014. Often it is a student who wanted to make something for their school project or teachers who wanted to run a workshop. Its funny to think back when I was in highschool, 3D printers were not even close to being desktop friendly. Now even libraries have them free to use. I decided to re-edit the original Fluid Print files to accept the brass spacers and make them free to download/modify/share as you wish. I put the spacers up for sale on this website. You can use it for your school projects, or experiment with at your local library/makerspace.

All the love!

Jeffrey Pang