Fluid Print Brass Spacer Kit

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This is the parts kit you need to assemble any of the ready-to-print 3D models found in the Downloads page. Perfect for educational purposes or hobbyists alike. This kit is also a great option for people who turn their own yoyos from scratch.

These custom made brass spacers are designed to fit common "C-sized" bearings and 19mm response pads. Both the bearing and response pads can be found at all online yoyo stores. The kit also includes an axle and two acorn hex nuts which are needed to assemble a single 3D printed yoyo model. Yoyo is not included.

Bearing Seat: C-sized
Pad Size: 19mm (YYF Size)
Axle size: M4x0.7 20mm
Nut style: Plated Nyloc